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There are many ways to celebrate your upcoming wedding, but for something truly unique, yet elegant and beautiful, consider an artistic themed wedding. Focus on your favorite artists, style or culture maybe even your favorite art genre, or just art in general to set the stage for a colorful and meaningful wedding.
In Hawaii there are park, hotel , church and the most popular among tourist is the Hawaii beach wedding

Hawaii beach themes arch way with palms artistic style

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First, you want to find a location that expresses your theme. You can hold your wedding reception in some museums, so if you have a favorite museum, contact them and see if they can accommodate a wedding reception. Some museums have rooms set aside for this type of event, but others will allow you to choose a gallery and bring in to that particular gallery all of the things you will need for your wedding in Hawaii.

If you do not live near a museum that is able to make this type of accommodation, you can contact local art galleries to see if they will host a reception for you. But even if you cannot find a museum or a gallery, or if your budget won’t allow for this type of expenditure, don’t despair! You can download pictures of your favorite works of art from the internet or buy prints of favorite pieces to use in decorating whatever location you choose. You can find inexpensive photo frames that have a rich look in just about any discount store, and you can use them to make a gallery at any reception location.

Holding the material of the arch over themselves the bride and groom at their wedding in Hawaii

When thinking wedding attire, you can really go one of two ways. In thinking “fine art”, most people will think there is an elegant attitude to the occasion and dress up – meaning a formal white wedding gown and a tuxedo. You could opt for a more Bohemian look, however, and give the event more of a starving artist feel. Even in a white gown, though, you can add touches of a more artistic nature. Choose to have a beautiful accent in a bold color like red or purple added to your gown, either around a sweetheart neckline or down the back in to the train. If you are having your gown custom made, choose an aspect of a favorite painting and see if there is a way to incorporate it into the embroidery or beading on your gown.

Hawaiian wedding bride dresses up as a hula girl for the photos shoot after her beach wedding on Oahu

Bridesmaid dresses can take on any color you choose, or go with a print that reflects a more artistic mood. You can find gowns in floral and abstract prints that might call to mind the works of a favorite artist and give your attendants more of a themed look. Ushers and groomsmen can opt for a solid tuxedo, dressed up with floral or abstract print accessories to complement the bridesmaids. The groom can be as crisp and clean as an artists’ palette in all white, or as elegant and timeless as a work of art in a traditional tux.

You may want to keep your floral bouquets simple if you are going to use the art work as a backdrop to your reception. People will appreciate the décor more if they are not distracted by large and colorful bouquets. If, however, you are hoping to use the bouquets to reflect the art theme, choose the flowers from a particular work of art or series of works and use those flowers for the bouquets.

Vintage Tahitian style wedding theme for their ceremony on Oahu Hawaii

Table decorations could be small, framed prints of your favorite pieces. Surround them with beautiful votive holders that pick up the colors in the art itself. Or name each table for a particular artist, and use flowers that reflect some of the works of art in that artist’s collection.

Kaua'i Museum © 2007 
4428 Rice Street, Lihu'e, Hawai'i 96766

A fun thing to do for your dinner might be to have stations themed after the areas of the world your favorite artists are from. You could have a French station, an Italian station, an African station – each featuring foods from that particular region. Not only will it be a nod to your famous artists, but it adds a colorful flavor to your reception meal.

No. 1 Capitol District Building
250 South Hotel Street, 2nd Floor
Honolulu, HI 96813
(Honolulu / Downtown Area)
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The Hawaii State Art Museum (HiSAM) offers an exciting visual essay of Hawaii's history, cultural identity and current affairs. Free year-round, HiSAM is an open door to the State's vast art collection welcoming the people of Hawaii and visitors who wish to learn more about Hawaii's unique culture and contribution to the arts.

59-254 Kamehameha Highway
Haleiwa, HI 96712
(North Shore Oahu)
Tel. 808) 638-7841
Indigenous art; Maui Loa rock image collection. Located at Sunset Beach. Free admission.

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