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Dance instruction
12.07.2017 20:55

Dance instruction

At times, people mistake jiggling and moving their hands, arms and waist for dance! But this isn’t just what one might think dancing is! For the people out there who are really fond of dancing and want to tie up their shoes and prove their point here are something’s that have to be kept in mind. Dancing is sheer joy for most of the people and for some it is a passion. But for those who have adequate joy but lack in the skill opting for dance instructions would not be wrong. Instructions help in doing the right and the deserving justice to any dance form. Experts always advise the people to start from the formal dance instruction and gradually increase the intensity. While selecting the type of instruction it should be kept in mind that it should be complimenting the personality and should also be coming along the allotted budget. Finally what counts is the vibrancy and elegance which remains as the ultimate output of any well followed dance instruction.

Things to be taken care of:

The determination of the end goal is of foremost importance. There should be goals set for both you and your instructor. It would be really very tuff to attain proper results if both the student and the teacher are not aware of what actually is expected out of the other. The determination of the goal will not only help in the instruction process but also would be handy in creation of a plan through which the goal can be attained. The task at hand should be taken seriously with 

adequate focus and disposition. Thestudent as well as the trainer should be mentally and physically prepared for the task at hand and the goals that has to be attained. Any form of dance is beautiful, but what counts is the way you exhibit that dance form.

Mutual understanding between the student and the trainer also determines the fate of the dance instruction process. There should be adequate rapport in between them. While on the side of the instructor it should be good that he dose not wants the student to chance in a fortnight and learn all the new skill quickly. A good instructor will always understand the student knowing that all the skills cannot be understood and done in a very short time. The process involves a lot of patience along with time.

On the part of the student he should allow the instructor adequate time and leeway to teach. Every instructor has his own ways am methods of teaching and it should be remembered that he should be always provided that freedom to exercise his judgment. Sometimes it might happen that with a lack of rapport there creates a tension and consequently the trainer might not be able to exercise full control. But it should be remembered that the trainer is the person who will be teaching the student new skill and it is not the other way round.

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