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Cakes and candies play the sweet role in any occasion. Especially wedding is incomplete without a wedding cake. Cakes and candies come in many shapes, sizes and forms. These two sugary delights are loved by every person, from a young child to an old grandpa. These can be part of any and every occasion. You can make them ate home or buy from the bakery. Their importance is not affected due to the place where they are made.

Hawaii wedding Cakes 

What is the most wanted dessert after dinner? – Yes, it is the cake. Almost all the doctors are against the cakes and its consumption. Doctors have a whole big list of the cake’s disadvantages to the body. Despite of that people don’t stop making and eating cakes, only if they have an unavoidable restriction. Especially, the person having diabetes cannot afford to eat a cake filled with loads of sugar.

As mentioned above, cakes are available in countless number of forms and flavors. Their preparation methods vary for different flavors and forms. Wedding cakes is the most elegant and stylish form of the cake. A separate section of sugar arts is developed due to wedding cakes. Wedding cakes are made huge and attractive. They are the most decorative pieces of sugar art. Wedding cakes are generally made in two or more tiers. They are covered with loads of cream and icing. On such or any other form of base, the cakes are decorated with candies, chocolates or fondants.

Most of the wedding cakes are decorated with fondant. The fondant is the solution of sugar with water cooked at particular point. The solution is beaten well before applying it on the wedding cake. It forms a solidified layer on the cake. Similarly bakers use gum paste for top surface formation. The wedding cake is then decorated with marzipan figures and flowers. Sugar candy flowers are also used in decoration.

The traditional Hawaiian wedding cake are made up of tropical flavors such as lilikoi , coconut , kona coffee , Guava , Mountain apple and or mac nuts

Usually Wedding cakes have three layers, either one on another or separated with pillars in between. When the three layers are separated with pillars, each layer is decorated separately. The wedding cake is either served in the wedding reception or served as the wedding breakfast. The wedding cakes are famous for their toppings. One can see different kids of flowers and figures on the top of the cake. The standard figures seen on the cake are gold rings, doves, horseshoes and small sugar figures of wedded couple.

The three tiers of cake stuffed with cream and icing is now replaced with other modern options. The traditional cake is sometimes replaced with cup cakes or other types of desserts. The decoration has also taken a new form. Along with the sugar candy figures, cakes are decorated with small plastic figures as well. One can see the extremely beautiful cakes decorated with non- edible items.

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