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You’ve been a couple for a while now, and it’s time to take the next step. The proposal has gone off without a hitch and you’re finally getting married. But before saying your “I dos”, there’s this not-so-little thing called the wedding that you need to prepare for. How do you proceed? It might take a lot of research, planning, and preparations – but you’ll eventually get there. This applies especially if you want to get hitched in the tropical island of Hawaii.


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Aloha Island Weddings : music resource ideas

in depth information about music and entertainment for weddings

Music can be referred to as an art form where sound is the medium. Pitch (governing harmony and melody), rhythm (related to articulation, meter, and tempo), dynamics, and sonic qualities such as texture and timbre are music’s elements.

Concept of music

Medieval theorists and Greek philosophers had termed music as horizontally and vertically ordered tones. The horizontal ones were referred to as melody, and the vertical ones as harmonies. The basic music theory has been studied with the notion that listening to music gives out a pleasant experience. The creation, significance, and performance of music vary as per the social context and culture. In the arts segment, music can have classifications like fine art, performing art, or a form of auditory art. Music is considered the best thing to convey the feelings.  Music provides solution for all kinds of emotions-say, happiness, sadness, anger, restlessness, and many more. Music has a special importance in special occasions. One of those is ‘Wedding’.

Hawaii Wedding music

   a 10 year Hawaii vow renewal couple Steph and Rapheal with their two chldren redid their wedding vows to eashother on Oahu 

Wedding music can be referred to as instrumental and/or vocal music performed during wedding ceremonies, wedding rehearsals, rehearsal dinners, and receptions in Hawaii usually there are Trios of guitar and ukulele and singers. Its purpose is to offer an initial background ambience to audience as it gets assembled for wedding. It is later used for announcing and accompanying specific ‘order of events’, beginning with mothers & grandmothers sitting together, followed by entry of clergy and groomsmen, then the maids of bride and finally the bride and bridegroom. This chain of events is well organized with musicians informed everythingbeforehand. At some places, live music is substituted by recorded music.

Modern Weddings for weddings in Hawaii

These weddings normally start with prelude music consisting of 20 to 30 minutes. This is inclusive of reflective pieces like ‘Jesu, Joy of man’s desiring’ by Bach. Use of Harps and quartets has increased drastically in the modern times. A special music follows prelude. This music is played to welcome the mothers & grandmothers. Then the bride arrives. Her father escorts her. They assemble at the altar of the church where the groomsmen, priest, and the groom are present from the beginning. The march of the bride is always accompanied by processional tune. After this service, the groom and bride march down (the aisle). A sparkling recessional tune is played at that time. The conclusion of ceremony takes place with ‘an instrumental postlude’. The musical instrument used is organ/piano or string quartet. Now days, classical guitar, woodwind quintet, or a harpist is also used in Hawaii the ukulele is used to represent the tradition of the islands.


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A photography session is held after this. A program including dance ensue and catered meals, known as reception takes place after the photography session. Here the couple is expected to dance either with live band or under their favorite songs played by the DJ. The entire wedding ceremony contains an optional part as well. It is known as the ‘Unity Candle’. It consists of lighting the candles and allowing the groom and bride to cast their reflections. These days the length of ceremonies is being increased to let the communities come together.

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